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The Catalan Association of Management Consulting companies provides a channel where you can find offers and applications for employment in the field of consulting:

  • Introduction programs to the labour world for undergraduates.
  • Integration offers to ACEC member firms.
  • Integration with specialized employment companies.
  • Acting as a facilitator between the supply and demand.


  • Integrate ACEC member firms job offers within a job board itself that allows its members to have a source of additional recruiting.

  • Participation in information campaigns in major universities and establish specific arrangements for their students to do internships in the associated companies.
  • Creating a homogeneous CV (web form) for the candidates listed on the job board, complete a resume form with a predefined data for both the ACEC as associated companies, may be able to evaluate each candidate based on the same parameters and especially will streamline the selection process.

  • Incorporate the internship model as a first experience in the business world that allowed the companies to actively collaborate with seniors profiles towards their training and development of the skills and knowledge that a consultant should have.

  • We will facilitate compliance with the criteria established in the LISMI, Law of Social Integration of Disabled.

Shortly companies will have a recruiting tool to disseminate their job offers through our online job board.

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