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The Catalan Association of Management Consulting Companies (ACEC) is the Business Organisation of Catalan's management consulting companies, it is a essential piece for the correct development of the business activities. The ACEC is a non-profit private organisation, that represents businesses engaged in the practise of management consulting based in Catalunya and its professionals. 

ACEC is the voice for consulting companies based in Catalunya, it represents the Catalan management consulting companies before institutions and the market. Moreover, its objective is to improve the standards of consultancy and its quality, to promote its development and professional recognition.

The ACEC was established in 1993. It works along with the AEC (Spanish Association of Consulting Businesses) and the FEACO (European Federation on Management Consulting)

The mission of ACEC is:

"Be a recognised organisation as well as a reference for the value they deliver to the Catalan society and its members" 

According to the ACEC regulation, ACEC is a "business organisation created for the promotion of its economics and social interests", created "under law 19/1977 on the of 1st April under the right to freedom union association" The ACEC rules, with all its updates, are registered at the Direccion General de Relacioines Laborales, at the Department of Labor and Industry based at the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The ACEC offers the following services to its members:

  • Strengths companies and institutions to build confidence and trust on our companies members, promoting its values on the media. 
  • Gives service and promotes its consultancy members, in both fields public and private.
  • Provides networking among its members. Not just internal but also global throughout across-cutting events.
  • Searches and generates content of interest for its member companies.
  • Facilitates the relationship between the associated companies and other big associations. The AEC (Spanish Association of Consulting Businesses), the FEACO (European Federation on Management Consulting), Foment del Treball, el Cercle d'Economia i Barcelona Global.
www.consultoras.org www.feaco.org
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