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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee of the Associació Catalana d’Empreses Consultores (Consultancy Firms Catalan Association), ACEC

At the last Board Meeting held in 2013, the creation of an Advisory Committee ACEC was agreed on. It is composed of independent persons from recognized prestige in the business, management, academic and political arena with the purposes of:

  • Increasing the visibility and recognition of the sector at all levels: institutional, corporate and social.

  • Issuing specific recommendations on activities that can be performed by the Association for the development and increase of activity in the sector.

  • Identifying relevant sectorial issues on which action should be taken in the short, medium and long term.

  • Advising on the acquisition of resources to sustain and support the strategy and development of the Association.

  • Advising and assisting the ACEC in establishing national and international bonds and partnerships to facilitate the achievement of its goals.

The meeting was attended by members of the Executive Committee of ACEC: Joan Camprubí, President, on behalf of ACEC, Santiago Aguilera, Vice President, representing SETTING CONSULTORÍA; Josep Aracil, Vice President, representing Informática EL CORTE INGLÉS, Alberto de Dios Orán Secretary, on behalf of IBM, Oscar Hernandez, Treasurer, representing LANTARES SOLUTIONS, Jorge Nicolau, Chairperson, representing ACCENTURE, and Fernando Iglesia, Board Chief, on behalf of ACEC.

The Advisory Committee shall be composed of the following 7 members: Maria Reig Moles, Jordi Casas Bedós, Juan Francisco Corona Ramón, Emilio Cuatrecasas Figueras, Jordi Dagà Sancho, Jordi Hereu Boher and Enrique Lacalle.

maria reigMaria Reig Moles, Bachelor of Law and Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Andorran businesswoman and politician.

Present in the Andorran politics, she has held several positions and took part in the drafting of the Constitution of Andorra in 1993.

Vice-President and Founder of Barcelona Global. She is currently the president of the international business Reig Capital Group, member of the Board of Directors of Crèdit Andorrà Bank and member of Board of Directors of the Fills de Julià Reig Company.




jordi casasJordi Casas Bedós, Bachelor in Law from the University of Barcelona. Admitted to the Barcelona Bar Association. Catalan politician and member of the Cercle d'Economia.

Legal Adviser to the Gremi de Fabricants de Sabadell (Guild of Manufacturers of Sabadell), was deputy in the Spanish Congress of Deputies from 1986 to 1995, where he acted as the spokesperson for the minority Catalan Parliamentary Group. Councilman and Municipal spokesperson for CiU party in the city of Sabadell and Deputy in the Catalan Parliament from 1995 to 2006. Deputy spokesperson for CiU parliamentary group, Senator appointed by the Catalan Parliament since 2004, Vice President of the Senate (2004-2011), member of the National Council of Unió Democràtica de Catalunya party and Delegate of the Government of Catalonia in Madrid from 2011 to 2013.

Currently he is Managing Director of Synergic Partners (big data Consulting), since November 2013.


juan francisco coronaJuan Francisco Corona Ramón, Bachelor in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona. Doctor in Economics and Business Administration. Economist, Financial Analyst, Tax Consultant and Auditor. He was Rector of the Abat Oliva University.

He is Advisor to the World Bank, member of the European Court of Auditors, and he has performed outstanding tasks in international corporations such as the European Public Choice Society, the International Institute of Public Finance, the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies and the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management.

Among his positions in national corporations, the following can be highlighted: Academic Director of the Institute for Family Business; Excellence Foundation President, Vice-President of the Institute of American Studies; member of the Boards of the Spanish Association of Public Economy, of the Economic Society Studies, of the Spanish Association of Managers Foundation and of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts.

Currently he is Advisor of Catalunya Banc and member of the Expert Committee for Government Fiscal Reform in Spain.



Emilio Cuatrecasas Figueras, BA in Law by University of Navarra.

President of Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira Lawyers, he is also Honorific President of Barcelona Global, member of Foment del Treball Consultant Board and of Accenture Advisory Board.

His activity as a lawyer has taken him to perform in several posts, among which we outstand the following: member of the Consell Empresarial CEI (Entrepreneurial Board) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, member of the Consell Social (Social Board) at Univeritat Internacional de Catalunya, member of the Consell Assessor de Barcelona Institut d’Emprenedoria BIE, Barcelona Entrepreneurial Institute Consultant Board at University of Barcelona, Patron at IESE Patronat and Honorific Member of LO QUE DE VERDAD IMPORTA Foundation.

Distinguished with the Creu d’Honor de l’Orde de Sant Raimon de Penyafort in December 2005 and as Honoured Member of the Fòrum Carlemany Association in June 2007.



jordi hereuJordi Hereu Boher, Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE (School of Administration and Management).

His professional career started in Port 2000 and CILSA, both connected to the promotion of Logistics Activities Area (ZAL) in the Port of Barcelona, where he became Marketing Director. In 1997 he joined the City Council of Barcelona, where he held various positions up to Mayor of Barcelona from 2006 to 2011.

After leaving the post of Mayor he has served as consultant and advisor specialized in economic, business and urban development.



Enrique Lacalle Coll, BA in Law by the University of Barcelona and Graduate in Firm High Management – General Management Programme (IESE – University of Navarra).

He was Vice-president of the Popular Party in Barcelona, Vice-president of Diputació de Barcelona, Deputy for Barcelona, Mayor Candidate for Barcelona, member of the Joint Committee for the State-Catalonia Transfers and Special Delegate of the State to the Zona Franca Consortium in Barcelona. From his extensive career we must highlight that he has been Member of the Consell Rector de la Candidatura Olímpica Barcelona ’92 (Guiding Board for the Olympic Candidacy Barcelona ’92), President of Barcelona Centre Logístic, Advisor to Fersa Energías Renovables, Advisor to Abertis Logística, Advisor to Red Eléctrica España, S.A., and President of the Parc Logístic Zona Franca.

At present he is President of Meeting y Salones, S.A.U. and Barcelona Meeting Point (B.M.P.); member of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and its Executive Committee; he is also member of the Administration Board of Fira de Barcelona; Consultant for Grupo Godó and Hoteles Catalonia; member of the General Board of Caixabank and member of the Advisory Board of Foment del Treball, among other posts.


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