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Became a member: Benefits

The ACEC membership provides the associated consulting companies an additional strength to its professional strategies.

The ACEC membership:

  • Raises awareness of companies and institutions on trust in management consulting companies, enhancing the value of associated companies through the media.
  • Provides information on the consulting market in Catalonia, including figures and trends, as well as data from Spain through the AEC, which is the only available information on the sector.
  • Promotes its consultancy members in the business industry organising conferences, running by recognized external speakers on topics of interest to the industry.
  • Promotes its consultancy members in the field of Public Administrations through presentations and meetings with senior officials of the different entities.
  • Promotes its consultancy members through its website with a link to the associates' site, enhancing their image and providing direct contact with potential clients.
  • Facilitates the participation of representatives of the management consultancy members in Committees and Working Groups.
  • The consultancy members will receive regular information on corporate and institutional interests.
  • Organizes internal meetings as a meeting point for its members that serve as a basis to possible professional collaborations and to discuss issues of common interest.
  • Facilitates relationships through the association before Public Administrations and it gets synergies with other professional associations.
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